Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between distillate vs isolate?

Isolate is a stable powdery consistency, white in color, with little to no taste or smell, always testing above 99% active cannabinoids of CBD, CBG and CBN averaging 99.5-99.9%.

Distillate is an oily viscous liquid that is offered in both broad and full spectrum. These extracts are +85% CBD with CBN and CBG available in variable concentrations with THC up to 0.3% for full spectrum.

Full and broad spectrum distillates also contain naturally occurring terpenes in hemp specific ratios which may help with the entourage effect, smell and taste. This also may increase the efficacy of certain cannabinoids. Send an email to if you are looking for custom concentrations or formulations!

What services do you offer?

Our focus is on wholesale CBD, CBG and CBN isolate, producing CBD distillate with various concentrations as outlined in the description above. We are also in the business of CBD extraction services with hemp and can arrange for the shipping, pickup and processing of your bio-mass.

If you are looking for finished products, we have local companies that provide CBD pet treats, CBD tinctures and various products of both CBD white label and private label. We will work with you to find the right company to help create and package your bulk CBD oil, tablets, lotion, cosmetics and almost anything you can think of, shipped out ready to sell!

What is the difference between CBD, CBN and CBG?

These are different cannabinoids extracted from hemp that are generally considered to be non-psychoactive but are being explored and tested for their various benefits.

CBD, CBN and CBG are fully legal in the United States and THC extracted from hemp is legal at below 0.3% in the US and many countries as well. We have testing available at lower limits for countries with more restrictive laws.

How does the ordering process work?

You can order on our website through the Products section or send an email to We will get an invoice prepared and get your order shipped out as soon as we receive payment.

We normally recommend FedEx ground shipping but will work with any courier at your request.

Do you ship overseas?

We are proficient in shipping to any country where cannabinoids are currently legal worldwide, including Asia, South America, the EU, from Germany to Japan, South Korea, Columbia and many more.

If you are looking for an international CBD supplier of bulk CBD isolate or wholesale CBD distillates, we are your source!

How does our production process work?